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Hannah Leighton-Substitute Voice & Piano

Hannah's passion for music started at a very young age and she enjoys various styles of music! Hannah began vocal training with Heather Holmes in 2014 and has since added piano and theory to her musical journey. Hannah has been actively involved in musical theatre since 2013 and has been involved in several community shows. She is looking forward to sharing her passion for music with students at TriTone Music Studios!

Sarah Martin-Voice, Piano & Theory

This will be Sarah’s first year teaching Voice and Piano at TriTone Music Studios. She has always had a passion for singing and began pursuing this interest by taking part in school productions such as Annie and Willy Wonka Jr. These experiences gave her the confidence to audition for musicals within the community, and helped earn her the role of Nan in Erin’s production of Homechild the musical. In 2015 Sarah took part in her very first Orangeville Music Theatre Production where she played Margot in Legally Blonde. Since then she has been in two mainstage shows with OMT, playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid, and Natalie in All Shook Up. At the age of 13, Sarah began piano lessons, and at in 2014 she started her journey with TriTone Music Studios, taking piano and voice with Heather Holmes. Sarah continues her lessons with Heather and is working on her Royal Conservatory of Music in order to enhance her understanding of piano theory and performance. She also enjoys several musical genres, from R&B to Indie and Folk, and hopes to share all that she has learned and continues to learn with her students.

Matt Heath-Drums, Guitar & Theory

Matt Heath has been teaching Drums and Guitar at TriTone Music Studios since 2012 and has been teaching in the Orangeville area for half of his life. He has many great memories touring with his band as well as playing drums for other artists in the studio and on the road over the last 20 years. Music is a huge part of  Matt's life and it's something that he thinks everyone can use to connect to each other with. Matt always tells his students, "No matter what language we speak, social circles or economic divisions we may have music can bring us together." Matt enjoys teaching all levels of guitar and drums, from the very first day picking up an instrument to working with seasoned players who are looking for another perspective on what they already know. Matt enjoys playing Classical, Rock and Progressive styles of music but has learned that there are lessons waiting everywhere you look if you take the time to open your mind to all styles of music. Matt truly believes that teachers instruct students,  that students teach teachers and that music brings people together. He is positive you will find the same as you start or continue on your musical journey, step by step, each passing day.

Tyler Reed-Guitar, Bass, Drums & Theory

Tyler Reed has been teaching Guitar, Bass and Drums at TriTone Music Studios since 2012. He has been playing music for over 20 years and teaching since 2010. Tyler began studying music at a young age with several different teachers in the Orangeville area, and more recently completed a 2-year program at Metalworks Institute. There, he studied Music Performance and Technology with some of Canada's best instructors. Tyler's musical interest ranges from rock, blues, and pop to more obscure hard rock, funk and jazz, he loves to share new music with his students. Tyler currently plays bass for the local rock band Delaney, and he has performed and recorded with dozens of other artists. When Tyler is not teaching or playing, he likes to spend his time in record stores or relaxing with family, friends, and his cats.

TriTone Music Studios is proud to have educated and dedicated teachers who love sharing their knowledge and abilities with our students. 

All lessons are built to suit the needs of the individual student. Voice lessons all begin with classical vocal warm-ups and proper breathing techniques. Instrumental lessons can range from very technical with scales and arpeggios, to learning chords to play around your next campfire. Call us to set up a trial lesson and allow one of our instructors to build lessons around your needs!

Music Education Is Our #1 Priority!

 Jessica Anderson-Voice, Piano & Theory 

Jessica began teaching Voice and Piano at TriTone Music Studios in 2016. She has been singing since before she can remember! Her love of music started when she joined Theatre Orangeville Youth Singers, also known as "TOYS". When they performed at the Olympic torch ceremony held in Orangeville in 2010 this sparked Jessica's interest for the performing arts and she began to audition for Orangeville Music Theatre's productions. Jessica has now been a part of 9 OMT productions, including her most recent as Fiona in Shrek the Musical Jr. As she became more experienced in this aspect of the arts, her love and passion for music grew. Jessica has been in voice lessons since the age of 8 and is working hard on her Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) for piano as well. Jessica enjoys playing both classical and contemporary pieces as well as accompanying both herself and her students while they perform. She is excited to continue her learning and understanding of music as a student of Heather Holmes, as well as passing along her knowledge to her own students.

Keilagh Heeley-Voice, Piano, Guitar & Theory

Keilagh Heeley joined TriTone Music Studios in September 2014, teaching lessons in Voice, Piano and Guitar. Keilagh started her own journey with music at 8 years old with training in Classical Voice. Since then, she has dabbled in many other styles of voice training and instruments. Keilagh has also had extensive training in the performing arts field while attending Sheridan College and St. Lawrence College for Musical Theatre.Theatre has been a big part of Keilagh's life for years, she has been involved in many productions with her most recent as Ms. Andrews in Mary Poppins with Orangeville Music Theatre. Keilagh has a deep love of music, and feels very fortunate to be able to help nurture that same love in the hearts of her students. 

Heather Holmes-Voice, Piano, Ukulele & Theory

Heather Holmes opened TriTone Music Studios in 2012. Visit the "About TriTone" page to learn more about Heather and her musical journey!

Brooklynn Cars-Piano & Theory

Brooklynn has been studying Royal Conservatory Piano and Theory for 7 years with Heather Holmes. She is currently working towards her grade six piano certification and is enjoying the many styles of classical music that she learns through RCM. Brooklynn joined the TriTone team in 2017 as a Piano and Theory teacher and she is very excited to share her love of music with her students!